Viticultura tradicional
orgánica y sostenible

Organic and sustainable
traditional viticulture

Vinos /


La Bicicleta Voladora 2020-Crianza-

Traditional, Organic & Sustainable Viticulture

Winary: Germán R. Blanco (Aldeanueva del Ebro).
Winemaking: Germán R. Blanco / Javier Colio.
Viticulture: Selected winewrowers
Wine name: La Bicicleta Voladora
Vintage: 2020
Vintage classification: Very good.
Bottling date: noviembre  2022.
Vineyards: Los Riscos and La Hoya.
Altitude: between 335 and 359m a.s.l.
Location: Alfaro y Aldeanueva del Ebro
Region: La Rioja
Soils: very stony clay limestone. Very deep.
Exposure: south-facing.
Grape varieties: Tempranillo and Viura.
Vineyard age: 23 – 56 years old.
Pruning: traditional bush-vine and trellis training 
Irrigation: No.
De-budding: yes.
Suckering: yes.
Topping: yes.
Leaf-plucking: yes
Harvest date: 3th week of  September. 2019
Grape selection: Yes, in the vineyard.
Destalking: yes
Crushing: No.
Sulphur: minimum dose at bottling.
Tanks: concrete, amphoras and “Flextank” eggs.
Pre-fermentation maceration: Yes. 4 days.
Fermentation temperature: 21°C.
Indigenous yeast used in fermentation with no other additives
Pumping over / punching down: gentle pumping over.
Malolactic fermentation: Yes: In concrete tanks.
Ageing: 13 months in old 225l French Oak barrels
Alcohol: 13,5%.
Filtration: No.
Clarifcation: With clay, very light.
Stabilization: Yes, with the natural cold of winter.
Production 2020: 4000 bottles of 75cl